A Story about Glasgow

Glasgow is 23 years old and juggles his love for music with his pursuits in science. “People always ask me how I manage it all but I love what I do and so it never really becomes a burden to me,” he said. “It’s really about being able to discipline yourself physically and mentally.”

The genesis of his interest in music, however, dates back to 2012, when he had just joined Queen’s College. Musical theory was offered as a subject in school but the young man, so enthusiastic, joined “music lessons”. According to him, these lessons taught by his teacher, Leon McDonald provided him with his musical foundation.

“Unlike most of the other subjects that I studied growing up, music never felt like one that was a burden or one that I was forced to do. Instead, it felt natural and almost like I was born to do it,” Glasgow said.

Music, therefore, became an integral part of his life because whenever he found school or life, in general, becoming overwhelming, it became “therapeutic”; it was his “retreat”. He has also been involved in numerous live and studio events.

One of his most memorable live performances was perhaps with his band at the ‘Hope is Rising’ concerts and as a studio musician. One of his better projects, he recalls, was working on Samuel Medas’s ‘Royalty’ album.

“Music has a very powerful impact and influence on people so I try my best to always play clean music (in most cases, gospel) as I find comfort in knowing that my talent is being used to influence and change the lives of people for the better ,” the young musician said.

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